Through The Years of Pot.

As a consumer for over the past 29 years. I’ve seen the laws change, quality and quantity change. Remember, you even had to be discreet about it. Now, we’re walking all over the place. Just a puffing away. We have dispensaries and delivery people. Even the local dudes are more consistent with it.

When I first started I was around 11. I use to always run downstairs to my best friends apartment. It was always a great time with her and her family. They are hilarious!! Today, they haven’t changed a bit. It was a fresh break from the arguments with cousins. Anyway, her parents were like hippies. They were just free. Plus, they had the psychedelic stuff all over the place.

One summer afternoon. Her parents went on a shopping trip. Which would usually take the entire day. Someone leaves a bunch of clips and roaches in the ashtray. We look at one another and start laughing. I was scared and curious as hell. I wanted to try it. No one convinced me at all. She told me that she tried it and how she felt after. I was more intrigued.

So, we lit the biggest clip. I was so scared of burning myself. Lol!! She takes the first drag. Then I took my first puff…. It was okay. Then we finished it. I felt like I was going to pass out. I didn’t know what was happening. Everything starts spinning and I can’t stop laughing. Nothing was funny at all. Then I started panicking about orange soda. We laughed for hours and did our homework. Then it happened… I wanted to smoke some more. How am I going to get more?

When there’s a will… There’s a way!

We started collecting the clips and stashing them. It was hilarious looking back at it. We weren’t doing it everyday yet. It was just a weekend thing. We’ve never got caught. That’s also what I found out what a true friend is. We’ve never snitched on another. We finally are in middle school now. People were discreetly smoking. You always smelled it. However, you never knew where it was coming from. After snooping around after school. I found some random dude that distributed. I would get my allowance and immediately see the dude. I’ve always supported my own habit. That was my excuse when I was finally caught by my family. Lol!! They really couldn’t say anything after that.

Time has totally progressed

When I started this way in the early 90s. It was nickel bags, dime bags and tray bags. The tray bags were like $3. The only names that I’ve heard of were… Kush, Chocolate and Regular. The kush was the best one because it didn’t have any seeds. Most of the bags were full of sticks and seeds. It was a disaster rolling up. First off… Let’s talk about how we had to get it. You either had to walk on some sketchy block. Or, there was a store with a certain look. Maybe the random dude whispering in your ear at a bodega. Informing you that he’s a connection. Which most of them were inconsistent. Or, have been caught. Yikes!! It was always a freaking risk.

It’s thirty years later and it’s practically legal. You can get it anywhere. You can blaze anywhere. It’s amazing!! Like I said above. Yes! I still consume and also an advocate. Now.. The connections are more consistent. The delivery guys have menu options. We’re buying for relaxation, productivity and creativity. When back in the day. You just thought it gives you the munchies. Then you pass out for an hour or two. There are names like “Gorilla, Runtz, Bubba Kush, Critical Mass and the hoods Loud. I do feel the different effects. When I smoke certain strains. Some gets me in work mode. Some just has me super mellow. Funny thing.. Some people still consume the garbage weed from way back. It smells terrible!! Don’t bring that to a party!! We’re still aiming for the day for it to be globally legal. We have a long way to go.

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.