Tuesday afternoon in NYC… Phase Three

Usually, it’ll add an extra fifteen to twenty minutes coming off the Manhattan Bridge to get into Soho. Today, the traffic was extremely light. The usual nightmare of getting out of an Uber on Spring & West Broadway is no longer. It’s become temporary I will say. I’ve seen pictures on stories and posts. It would look so depressing to me. However, walking through Manhattan today wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great either. Many stores are still boarded up. Some have some cool art on them. You can literally count each person on the street today. The restaurants were setting up the tables. It’s outdoor seating for now. Indoor seating has been delayed. The cases of COVID-19 are on the rise again. Retail stores have reopened. Some are giving away masks to the ones that didn’t wear one. There’s hand sanitizer at the front. Most stores are allowing 7-10 people in at a time. Some stores have lines to get in. The tattoo salon has a thermometer and takes your temperature upon arrival. Mine was normal and I purchased a new pair of earrings. I lost a few during the pandemic. Don’t ask !!! Here’s a few pics of today.

This is different
Not bad
This looks like the usual
Don’t sit near the garbage

Doing all this walking around I decided to head over to shop. This was what everyone is talking about. It does look depressing. However, I like art. So, I wasn’t sad about it.

Stay safe and Stay Tuned!!! 


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