Watching: Goodbye, My Fancy 1951

Of course… I’m going to write about a Joan Crawford film that I’ve barely seen. At this point in time. They claimed that her career was on a decline. She just finished “The Damned Don’t Crywhich performed really well at the box office. The film did generate just a little over the budget. Maybe, that’s why. This is a romantic comedy. I’m use to seeing her in dramatic roles. This is pretty good.

Promo for Goodbye, My Fancy

Joan Crawford plays Agatha Reed, a US Congresswoman that learns she is receiving an honorary degree from the college that expelled her 20 years ago. She was expelled for staying out all night. Ugh… Rules!! She brings her secretary Ms. Woods, Eve Arden along. She is hoping to reunite with Dr. James Merrill played by Robert Taylor. Who was her old professor and former flame. He has since then became the president of the college. She has someone of a stalker played by Frank Lovejoy. He plans to win Agatha from James.

As I stated earlier.. The film is really good. It’s nice to see women running the show. During the 1950’s they weren’t too much out of the home. It’s adorable the way Matt is trying to win Agatha. You kind of root for him. He feels that she’s holding on to old memories and needs to let them go. She gets into a bit of a problem. When she makes a film about the dangers of restricting educational freedom. They were supposed to show this to celebrate her legacy. The board of trustees demand that the film is not to be shown. James doesn’t stand up to the board. He will show the film is her expulsion is kept a secret. He falsely explains to his daughter about everything. Agatha finds out more and more about why she shouldn’t end up with James. She realizes that she should probably give Matt a chance and to forget about James.

Another favorite of mine in the film is actress Ellen Corby. She played Grandma on The Walton’s. She plays Mrs. Birdshaw in this film. She played on another film with Crawford titled Harriet Craig.

The reviews were mixed on the success of the film. Variety stated “The performances are very slick under Vincent Sherman’s direction. Miss Crawford… sustains the romantic, middle-aged congresswoman with a light touch that is excellent.” Bosley Crowther in The New York Times had something completely different to say. He generally panned the film, writing. “Crawford’s errant congresswoman is as aloof and imposing as the capital dome” and “Joan Crawford is working extra hard to make romance and liberalism attractive in the Warner Brother’s film version of the play.” Yikes!!!!

I say give it a look!! You won’t be disappointed!!

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