Watching: Now, Voyager (1942)

Let me start by admitting that I’m a huge fan of the classics. Preferably, with the Golden Era. Those films from back in the day. Actually had a plot. We would see the character struggle then work his/her way up. The stories had structure. The production was fabulous!! These films gave us something special.. It took us on a wild trip to an imaginary world.

Two of my favorite actresses are Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. My mom was a huge Davis fan. She would tell me all this Hollywood gossip. She had this animated way of telling me stories. After she passed away. I would watch the movies that we watched. Now, Voyager was one that was watched often.

Bette Davis as Aunt Charlotte

Bette Davis plays Charlotte Vale an unattractive, overweight spinster. That is ruled by her mother that is a real tyrant. Played by Gladys Cooper. I mean her mother literally verbally and emotionally abused Charlotte so much. Her confidence has been depleted and is on the verge of going nuts. Her sister in-law Lisa sees what is happening. Lisa is played by Ilka Chase. She recommends Charlotte to Dr. Jacquith that hands down. Requires that she spends some time at Cascade.

Claude Rains as Dr. Jacquith

Charlotte is now away from her mother. Yes!!! She begins to blossom into a beautiful swan. Yes, I’m corny. Lisa recommends that she goes on a cruise. To just keep her mind cleared. She meets Jerry played by Paul Henreid. That man has some swagger. They become close.. We also meet Deb and Frank expresses the love that he has for his daughter. Also, how his wife is overly obnoxious. Charlotte now has to face her mother. Oh!! Here we go!! Her mother thinks that she can break her. However, Charlotte is stronger and has gain independence.

Charlotte gets engaged to Eliot Livingston. Meanwhile, she hasn’t forgotten Jerry. Who shows up at the party?? Jerry!!! They talk… it gets all emotional. She breaks the engagement. She gets into an argument with her mother. Charlotte tells her mom that she didn’t asked to be born. It literally shocked the mess out her. She dies of a heart attack.

Charlotte & Jerry

Charlotte feels remorseful and guilty. She needs to clear her head. She heads back to Cascade. She meets a little girl name Tina. Who Charlotte sees a lot in her. She’s now interested in helping Tina. She gets permission to look after her. Tina drastically improves. Charlotte gets to bring her to Boston. Now you have to watch the movie. I’m not telling you the ending!!!


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