Watching: Queen Bee (1955)

The 1950’s melodramas were so amazing!! Some were ahead of its time. For example Queen Bee starring Joan Crawford. This film is based on a Southern family that is ruled by a tyrant. She wreaks all kinds of havoc and will destroy you. If you’re not on her side.

Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford plays Eva Phillips the tyrant I’ve just mentioned. She rules her mansion in Georgia. Like this is on another level. Her husband Avery played by Barry Sullivan despises her. Her cousin Jennifer “Lucy Marlow” comes to visit. Suddenly after convincing from Eva. Jennifer has moved in with the family. Avery’s sister Carol “Betsy Palmer” who’s seeing Judson Prentiss “John Ireland

The Queen Bee

Jennifer admires and respects her big cousin Eva. She becomes like an assistant to her. Carol advises her to keep her at arms length. Suggesting that she reads this book about bees. Saying Eva is the Queen Bee and if you cross her she will sting you to death. Of course, Jennifer doesn’t believe her. Well, she’s about to find out! Eva and Jud meet late night in a dark place in the mansion. He tells her that the affair is done. He’s going to marry Carol. Wait!! The fact that Eva is married to Avery. Carol is Avery’s sister. Jud works for with Avery. This is already a hot mess. Eva isn’t buying his words. She begins to seduce him but Judson wants Carol. Jennifer peeps the whole darn thing. Her reaction was priceless. She’s totally devastated. Jud finally shuts Eva down. Only just to piss her off. She threatens him with the “You’ll be sorry for this!!” line. Eva is no joke!! We find out now that Carol and Jud are engaged. Omg!! The moment when Eva tells Jennifer. Jennifer was all excited then Eva slaps her into next year. Eva hints to Carol about the affair in the past. Carol hangs herself in the barn. Yikes!!

Joan Crawford and John Ireland
Eva “Joan Crawford” slaps Jennifer “Lucy Marlow”

Now Jennifer isn’t riding with cousin Eva anymore. She’s fully aware of the bull crap. She and Avery become close. He tells her he knows about the affair between Eva and Jud. Eva catches wind of this and warns him to stay away from Jennifer. Of course, he going to refuse. Eva threatens him with a divorce that will be scandalous in the papers. Jud, still traumatized from Carol’s death returns. In those towns everyone knows your business. Feeling that Avery was the one that told Carol about the affair. He finds out from Jennifer that it was Eva.

Girl, you’re in trouble now!!

Now these two men are out to get her. Boy!!! Do they get her! Avery has become the super sweet husband. She begins to be the super sweet wife. She’s not wreaking havoc anymore. They’re totally in love. Jud, isn’t buying this. He confronts Avery telling him he sees through him and is plotting to kill her. However, plans change and Jud gives Eva a ride. The car is speeding down the road. Eva now figures out he wants her dead. She begins to fight him in the car. The car goes over a cliff. The kid finally finds out how his nightmare ends. That part was kinda sad. Then Jennifer and Avery live happily ever after.

I found this film to be very entertaining. If you’re into the whole soap opera, scandalous kinda film. This is it. Crawford was spectacular in this one. I like this era of Joan. She played these tough and harsh women. It was different from the shop girl rags to riches films. Also, Fay Way from King Kong is in this film. Bosley Crowther from the New York Times said “Miss Crawford is the height of mellifluous meanness and frank insincerity” William K. Zinsser of the New York Herald Tribune wrote “Miss Crawford plays her role with such silky villainy we long to see her dispatch. Check this movie out!!! Once you see that slap. You’ll never forget it!!!

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