Watching: Real Housewives Of Atlanta – Episode 18 – A Greek Tragedy In 6 Acts.

Here we go….. So we’re still in Greece. I gotta admit… Last week’s episode was very calm. With these ladies, it’s a huge surprise!!

We start off the episode… It’s a new day. It was nice seeing Tanya, Cynthia and NeNe have their moment by the water. Kandi is trying to convince Kenya to be somewhat nice to NeNe. Kenya is basically like… “I’m just trying to have a good time.” We all know what that means…


It’s lunch time and it’s 100 feet in the air!! It’s beautiful to sightsee and eat. I’m totally here for it!! Who isn’t here for it is NeNe… She doesn’t do the height thing.

Things are taking a strange turn. When Kenya is grilling Cynthia about the wines. What wine goes with this and that?? Thank goodness Kandi chimed in with… “ How many are you selling??” Yassss Kandi!! Kenya was doing way too much!! Other than that, the trip is going pretty well. I must say that…  “This episode is quite long!!!” However, I do feel that Cynthia was not read!!! It was fun banter.. They are friends. It is only a read. If you buy into the read. They all seem to be bonding. The tradition of plate smashing. Is so therapeutic. Even NeNe and Kenya seem to be enjoying themselves. I do feel like this scene should’ve been longer. The shady part was when Porsha and Tanya presented the evil eye jewelry to Cynthia. These women can be so extra. If Cynthia didn’t take it serious. Why should anyone else? Also, Tanya did that behind Kenya’s back. Kenya was being playful in front of Cynthia. Not to take sides…. Kenya is in a very fragile state. Hopefully, Cynthia will call her out on it. How adorable is PJ? 

It’s now the next day. We are off to the wine tour. The subject is…. “What do you find in a man?'” Let me tell you… Matter of fact, no! Marlo, is looking for a man with stability. However, Can we NOT talk about… How much money he has? Nine out of ten he’s going to run. We find out a certain housewife has great mouth game… Hi Tanya!!!! So… We are now at the winery. The subtle shade being thrown. Cynthia, wasn’t dumped on!! She was being tested in a friendly way. Omg!! To be there sampling these wines looks like heaven!!! Lawda mercy!! NeNe and Porsha are going to have a talk. Maybe…. Kenya wanted to buy the wines for Cynthia. After all, she is hosting the trip. That evil eye crap is superstitious. 

Here we go with the Porsha and NeNe situation. The two women are having this discussion about this so-called war. I’m not buying this one bit!!! Maybe she does really look up to NeNe. However, the stuff that was said. You can’t really take back. But… Okay!! From Porsha, I do sense her being genuine. Let’s see how long this “RESPECT” thing is going to last. Chyle…. Here come the tears… “It’s been really hard without you.” Wait!!! Porsha told NeNe that she misses her. Her response… “Thank you”. Gurl, gone!!!!  Let’s get to this dinner!!!!

Why are there so many cats?? It’s like a summer night in Brooklyn. Porsha and Tanya take over now.. I’m scared!!! Wait!!!! Eva is on the phone!!!! I miss her!! She’s about to pop! Kandi, is like “Girl, what happen to y’all?” Now… Kenya is right!! If they reconciled in private. Why can’t they? This is a nightmare!! I’m not here for this at all. This “ruin” party is exactly what it is. Ruined!!!! The ladies look amazing btw… If you have the crown you can speak. This is not going to end well. Porsha, is explaining the talk she had with NeNe. Cynthia confronts Kenya about the shenanigans at the drinks in the sky event. I do feel like Kenya’s apology was sincere. Now her goes NeNe feeling a way. Why is she calling Kenya is “B”? She is a the bully from hell. Really… She had to go there with, “That’s why your husband left!!!:” However, last episode you were supportive. That’s fake as hell!!! She’s horrible!! Now we throwing food and being barbaric.. What for? I’m glad Tanya and Kenya are trying to resolve issues. I hope they can at least be grown women about things. To be continued…. I really can’t take this all bark no bite. It reminds me of a few family members. 

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3 thoughts on “Watching: Real Housewives Of Atlanta – Episode 18 – A Greek Tragedy In 6 Acts.”

  1. Love this…

    I really don’t have anything to say about this episode. You are right it dragggged, even the fight at end dragged. This one felt like a Tyler Perry scripted series.

    I love your interpretation of the scenes though. I didn’t even notice that Nene said Thank You in response to Porsha, wow. Ego huge much?

    I’m ready for the beef you be resolved because we’re just to toeing around the elephant, while Porsha and Tanya act old their on an episode of Sweet Valley High (really love them).

    P.s. You’re looking good in your suit fam. Ow! 💕

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