Watching: Real Housewives Of Atlanta- Episode 19: Ruined Peaches

We left off at the dinner. Kenya and NeNe are really going at it. NeNe is throwing shade and popcorn at Kenya. Kenya is holding her own. After being almost spat on. Truly gutter behavior. Omg!! Imagine if she did though… NeNe was the aggressor. Everything was B this, B that.

Leave it Porsha to be the some kind of voice of reason. It’s true… They were friends in the beginning. They begin to explain how both were affected by NeNe’s shadiness. Now Kenya approaches her about calling her baby a Buffalo. Which she definitely did… “What is she having a Buffalo?” Sounds like it to me. So, she actually apologized. Do we believe it? Ummmm. Now Marlo and Kenya have the crown. Wait!! As much cruel things that she has said to Kenya. I would’ve came with a marching band to her launch too. What I’m not understanding is Kenya’s husband filed for separation. Why are they giving her a hard time. Hopefully, the next day will get better.

It’s now sunrise and the ladies are recapping the night. Everyone seems to be in a better mood. Kandi is taking control of her trip. Why the hell did Tanya and Porsha take over? That went really left. A shitshow with tons of popcorn. At the start of the trip. We could’ve resolve this. However, in Kenya’s defense. Look at what she’s going through. This trip is almost over. Thank goodness!!

Kandi has come up with a Team Building game. It’s Kenya and Tanya, Marlo and Cynthia and NeNe and Porsha. I actually would love to see Kenya and Tanya become closer. We can only dream.

They hit up the Lohan Seaside. Lindsay’s spot is really nice. Once, this pandemic is over. I would love to plan a trip. Kandi has these women on a damn obstacle course. It looked like they were enjoying themselves. I would say that Kenya and Tanya won the challenge.

Now it’s Grecian Goddess dinner. Kandi and Cynthia are planning to perform a Greek tragedy. Cynthia will play NeNe. Kandi will play Kenya. This looks like a lot of fun. Why are there so many cats In Greece? The ladies look amazing. Everyone greeted one another. They have assigned Greek names for the ladies. Then went the direction of them choosing their own. The names were pretty accurate. The cats are really taking over the food. We’re moving on to the Greek Tragedy performance. Kenya is actually down for it. The other ladies are skeptical. I would be also. However, I love a little drama. Oh geez!! NeNe has to use the bathroom. That means… “Screw this!! I’m out!!” Ugh!! This would’ve been good if she stayed. Now she’s going off on the production crew. So, it never happened. The ladies are getting ready to head back to Atlanta. The trip is over and so is the episode!! Until next week!!!

Author: Chazz.

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