Watching: Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills -Episode 3 “First Impressions, True Confessions

Season 10

We’re already at the third episode of the new season. I will say… in my opinion. This is the best of the franchise. New York and Atlanta are tied for second. I just love their drama. I mean… Their wallets are bigger than the drama. I was a bit on the fence about watching. Since LVP has exited the series. I just watch her on Vanderpump Rules.

The first episode we met Garcelle Beauvais. Many of us remember her from the Jamie Foxx Sitcom. I mostly enjoyed her on NYPD Blue as A.D.A Heywood. Anyway, it’s beautiful to see her on the show. Let’s add some diversity up in here!! So far, she’s been amazing on the show. She’s a girls girl and that’s what is up!! I hear that her and Kyle get into it. Which sucks because Kyle is really cool.

Garcelle Beauvais & Sutton Stracke

We’ve also met Sutton Stracke. I don’t really know anything about her. Only thing is that she’s from Augusta, Georgia. So… Debutante turned Socialite. She claims to know many people. Apparently, she has an issue with the Mayor of California. She gives me a New York vibe. She has a bit of a smart mouth. Which is a bit much already. I will see she’s funny. I hope she ends up being nicer to Teddi.

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave

I’ve always liked Teddi. She seems pretty normal like Erika Girardi. I don’t get a boring vibe from her. Maybe it’s only Sutton. This episode was fun until they made Teddi upset. You can’t trigger a pregnant woman and not get any emotional outburst. I’m hoping that the all attend her event. I mean it would be nice. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Denise Richards and Adam Phypers

Wait!!! What is going on with Denise and her husband. What does he actually do? They say he runs a healing facility that practices frequency medication. All I know is a lot is going to happen with them. So…. Stay tuned!!!


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