Watching: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta- Episode 17 “Greece Is the Word”

Here we go!!!! Last week we saw the shenanigans at the charity event that Marc Daly threw. Let’s get into this episode.

Soon as it starts…. The ladies are alerted that Kenya and Marc have split. We saw that coming after last week’s episode. Anyway…. Cynthia and Kandi head over to Kenya’s for support. The stuff that we heard that happened after the event is mind boggling. Now they have this trip to Greece. Kenya might not be up for this. Wait!! The Uber driver had Marc get out of the car!! This is really painful to watch. Everyone knows that I’m Team Kenya. She can do no wrong in my eyes. However, I’m truly unbiased when it comes to writing. I’m just hoping that NeNe and Marlo won’t come for her. I’m sure that they will.

It’s time for the trip and Kenya makes it!! I mean she is the host. I’m glad she was able to pull it together. How cool was it that Porsha brung PJ on the trip? Totally adorable!! Missing from the trip was Eva. Who is about to give birth at any moment. I needed her commentary.

We get to the villa and it’s really beautiful. Now you know they have to do the room situation. Porsha is right!! Why the hell does it always have to be some nonsense? Let’s just run around and just pick. Hoping for dear life they get to best one. However, the food challenge looked fun. It was everything I eat. So, that would have been easy. If I was in that scenario.

We get to the dinner and the food looks incredible. Gawd!!! Kenya makes it downstairs for the dinner. NeNe is being extremely warm to her. She does small talk… She asked about the pets. She responds.. So far, so good. Now Marlo makes a toast to Kandi and Kenya for hosting the trip. That was really big of Marlo. Marlo is pretty cool. She has her messy moments. I do feel sometimes.. She is coming from a good place. Now NeNe asks Kenya if she is okay and offers her support. Kenya then thanks everyone for reaching out. However, she excludes NeNe. Damn!!! At least she is trying to make some kind of effort. Ugh! I can’t!!

Cynthia has to get to her chore of dishwashing. She sets up a “Fellowship” with NeNe and Kenya. Of course, Kenya isn’t up to it at all. This is the second time that she snubbed NeNe. Kandi and Tanya check Kenya for throwing shade and NeNe. It’s nice to see Tanya and Kenya actually get along. Kenya now tries to redeem herself with bring dessert. Now, it’s too late. NeNe is like NO!!! After being snubbed and shaded. The door is closed!! I guess we’ll have to see how this plays out.




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2 thoughts on “Watching: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta- Episode 17 “Greece Is the Word””

  1. Is it shady that I forgot all about Eva? I didn’t mean to, but I did. How could I though; She’s such a character- Eva the Diva.❀

    Since Kenya is hurting now, I’ll leave her alone. πŸ€” I hope she uses this pain to go inward, learn her lessons, and really make some karmatic changes. I must say this was THE MOST toned down I’ve seen of her with the girls. Ever. And it was actually pleasurable to see her behave like a woman. πŸ•Ά Maybe she needs her heartbroken to become a nice, considerable, agreeable person. (Or it could be that she was sort of the center of attention… We all know that Mrs. Daly looooves to be the center y’all (in my Eva voice)).πŸ‘‘

    The games they played for the
    rooms was fun, just, and well organized. Porsha did look like Free Willy… I love her down for whatever personality. πŸ˜‚ I don’t think it was any drama this time, and def not like in the pass. Running around and laying down on beds is not a new idea. They’ve done it before and it caused A LOT of drama. A whole segment of debating & debriefing. Resentment ensued. *deep sigh*

    Nene’s tantrum at the end… I really don’t have the words. She wants to get back to her throne so bad that it consumes her and reveals hee easily triggered ego. I feel that if her concern for Kenya was really genuine, she wouldn’t have taken it that far towards the end. Granted, I also think Kenya’s snubs were intentional and unnecessary, but no one owes Nene anything. Get. Over. It. Girl. Sometimes she can be such a hypocrite. How does she want people to understand/forgive her for her shenanigans during last season (because she was dealing with a lot of stress), but can’t offer the same regard to Kenya? ……. πŸ˜‘

    Yea… the two of them. I know all of this is scripted, but the characters they play need therapy.

    Last thought, everyone looked AHHHHMAZING at dinner. Looks were beat, but my favs were Kandi, Nene, and Kenya’s dresses. πŸ‘„πŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ’

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