Watching the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills -Season 10 Episode 12 “Roman Rumors”

This episode left me in total disbelief. Not knowing who to believe. Do we believe Brandi? Do we believe Denise? Was Teddi wrong for spilling tea? Do we still like Sutton? Even she knew about the tea. She’s new here! The last few minutes were so intense. I felt like I was at one of my relatives functions. Except these ladies have way more money…

Speaking of money… Sutton letting Garcelle Beauvais know that she was uncomfortable being asked about her finances. That was a bit much. “Where did you get your money?” The look on Sutton Stracke’s face was priceless. I would’ve had the same look. Talk about being blunt, Garcelle!! It’s great that they cleared things up. I like those two as friends.

When Kyle and Teddi was telling Rinna the tea. I’m not going to lie. I was extremely excited. Because now we are going to have to talk about it. “Darn right! I’m going to talk about it!” Ah! The best! I would’ve told Erika first. Maybe not…

I do want to talk about Rome. However, the drama overshadowed by a long shot. We’ll talk about it later. Back to the table… The tea gets spilled. Denise looks all kinds of confused. I want to believe her. I love Brandi though. This is something else… If she slept with her. Who on earth cares? If she didn’t.. How can you spread a vicious rumor that can destroy a family? I guess we’ll just have to see. You kind of feel bad for Denise. Actually, you totally feel bad for her. She is getting it from these ladies. Talking bad about Erika, Lisa Rinna and Teddi. Her marriage has some strange arrangement. Now all the other ladies are chiming in. Side note… Kyle looks great with bangs. Teddi was spilling.. Kyle was there too. Teddi definitely made it clear. When the bomb dropped. You see Denise is totally gagging. She’s pleading that this stuff isn’t true. This isn’t right. She is a very married woman. That loves her husband. Now it’s Sutton’s turn to chime in. She makes a valid point. “Does Teddi care more about what’s being said regarding her or Denise?” Denise and Teddi are currently back and forth. So, is she telling to protect her? Or, is this some shady plot to get back at her? Then Dorit has her comments. Now her and Kyle are going at it.. She said that “She cares about Denise more Kyle does.” Wtf?? Bravo, Bravo, F-ing Bravo.

Until the next episode!!!!

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