She’s My Favorite Movie Star!

Whether it’s our favorite singer, actor, restaurant, planet… You get where I’m coming from. It just so happens that mine turned out to be three women. Actually, it would be four awesome ladies. Whitney Houston, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford and My mother Charlene. She’s the one that gotten me into them in the first place. It turned out that they would become major influences in my life. Of course, my mom was. She was the greatest person on earth. I mean… Look at her production. I think I’m a solid dude. 😉

I’m going to take the time to discuss my obsession with Crawford. It had to be around age seven. My mom would always watch these classic movies. She would get her rainbow sherbet and just watch movies. I would always ask why aren’t they colorized. She explained to me about Hollywood in those times and that whole evolution. It was the most fascinating thing I’ve ever heard. Then I would tell everyone what I’ve learned. I was a mini Siskel and Ebert. That was all I talked about. Anyway, the movie was Sadie McKee 1934. I thought that Joan Crawford was the most beautiful person on the screen. I had a crush on a movie star at the age of seven. Which led to me watching most of her films. Along with watching and reading autobiographies and documentaries. I’m not on the Mommie Dearest bandwagon. So, don’t come for me what that. I do mention my theory in the video below. I hope you enjoy it… If there’s any other classic film stars you would like to hear about. Let me know. Thanks for watching!! ✌🏽❤️


Author: Chazz.

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