We’re… Well, I’m Gaining A Roster.

Now that I’m building my recording studio. Although, I have full access to James. I’m actually sitting on equipment and I can have an annex. Whenever, I’m not in the mood to commute. Or, if he wants to do some recording at my place. As, I was mentioning this to a close friend. We reminisced about how we sang together years ago. We could’ve had albums out a long time ago. Wait… It wasn’t as easy as it is now.

As we’re chatting on the phone. I’m actually guzzling a few cocktails. Which will lead you to saying something that you may regret later. This time it was the opposite. I will definitely have my hands full. However, this is part of the plan. I just didn’t expect things to happen so quickly. I’ve suggested this same thing to two other individuals and they brushed me off. I almost took it personally. It wasn’t worth the energy. I’ve drunkenly suggested that my friend become my artist. It’s always been on her bucket list to at least record a single. Why not give someone the opportunity? I have someone that can produce really well. I’m getting better as I go. This can be a thing. She wasn’t drinking on the other side of the phone. She said yes!! She’s already written a few songs. We’re going to start working this weekend. I also have two gentlemen who are interested in recording as a duo.

I had to bring this to James. Since, he does all of this anyway. Now there’s a huge meeting in a few days. He was excited to hear my ideas. I’m now watching master classes and tutorials on running a label. I have years of management experience. Also, I’ve interned at a few record labels and distribution companies. I’m getting use to the phone calls and texts from sunup to sundown. Her and I have been friends for twenty five years. So, it’s definitely not an issue. I know that I’m just starting out. However, I want to do this! I’m excited about the contracts and negotiations. I’m extremely fair and honest. It’s a reflection on myself as a human and a mogul. I’m not messing around with a person’s career. So… I may have four artists. My friend La’Keisha, Redmon, Anthony and Myself. The good thing is that we’re in separate genres. Which means… No one can argue about a beat!! That’s a beautiful thing!!

This is just the beginning…. Stay tuned for the shenanigans at Shroomtown.


Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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