What is everyone watching during quarantine?

Two months of not going anywhere. Most of us have learned a new skill, reconnected with loved ones, some even created an only fans page. However, there is one thing we all love is television. It’s what we talk about. Some of us are catching up on shows that we completely forgotten about. A lot of us have joined Netflix, Hulu, Disney etc… I’ve discovered some interesting ones and some that are just outrageous. Revisited some oldies but goodies.

Real Housewives of…… Seriously, you can’t go wrong here. You are in the house. Most of our friends are like these women. So, while you are taking a break from them. You can keep the drama on television. Like they say “Keep people at arms length.” The drama is epic… It’s good conversation later. Someone isn’t going to agree with who you like. That’s always a good discussion. Their mouths are bigger than their wallets. Plus, you can decide if it’s a city you’ll visit or avoid. -Bravo

The Get Down- A friend recommended this one. This a show based in the 1970’s in the Boogie Down Bronx. Anytime I mention Bronx. I have to say that. It shows the beginning of hip-hop and disco. You’ll see teenagers wanting to fulfill their dreams of becoming successful. They face obstacles like… The religious parent doesn’t want the child to perform the style of music. Poverty and dealing with various gangs and gangsters. You get to see what it was like back in the day. The talent on here is totally amazing. I totally recommend this!!! -Netflix

A Different World- A great throwback to watch. A personal favorite of mine. This show inspired me to stay in school. Anyway, this show tackled so many issues. The characters became the friends in your head, don’t lie. It showed African Americans in a positive light. Most of us grew up with them idolizing Whitley, Dwayne and Freddie. You watched a few love stories. You even seen them graduate and become successful. -Amazon Prime

RuPaul’s Drag Race- This is entertaining for everyone who needs a good laugh. Well, I don’t think little ones should watch this. If you want to see some shade throwing. Or, learn how to throw shade. You will definitely learn from this. You’ll see amazing transformations. You’ll get to know the queens. You’ll hear some of their stories. Some are truly amazing and some are heartbreaking. The competitions can be brutal. These queens are truly talented. The judges are intense. Well it’s tit for tat, I guess. Trust me!! You’ll enjoy these animated personalities. You’ll never know what they will come up with. What look they will bring to the table? Who will lip-sync for their lives? Who will sashay away? -vh1

Top Chef- Who doesn’t love food? This is one of the best long running cooking shows. You meet a group of chefs from all over the world. You get to see and learn how to actually make some amazing dishes. You get to see what goes down in an actual kitchen of an establishment. I must say… “My hat off to them!!!” The intensity in the kitchen is on a whole different level. The judges are totally honest. You’ll some breakdowns, fights and someone must pack their knives and go. -Bravo

Vanderpump Rules- If you are a fan of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. You probably are watching this. Especially, if you’re missing LVP since the departure. You’ll see her staff and their shenanigans. At work, play or home it is definitely some drama going down. You’ll love , hate or love to hate some of them. Someone done hooked up with someone. Someone is fighting, being bossy etc… It’s great to watch Lisa chastise their butts. -Bravo

What shows are you watching? What do you recommend?

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