What is the verdict? Watching: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills -Episode 4 All’s Fair in Glam and War

We are now on Episode 4 already! Time is flying, even in quarantine. Probably because they usually start their season off so good! Their mess is amazing!! I do want to discuss my official opinion on Sutton Stracke. The newest addition to the show.

Usually, I wait until about 4/5 episodes in. Before, I form any opinion on a new housewife. Although, by the eleventh episode. That opinion just might change.

We are now heading with Erika and Kyle to Teddi’sAll In Retreat“. Sutton decides to go to the event. I’m actually glad that she did. She did have a moment in the car. Like Kyle mentioned about her moment in season 1. They get to event and they start boxing. Okay… How cute was Sutton? Clearly, she is not into it. She had the look of wtf? She was a trooper. Like she said that she would be. Dorit arrives a little towards 1pm. She was looking super fabulous. I wasn’t into the ponytail, at all. I wouldn’t have shown up all glammed up for a retreat. Especially, when you are trying to repair a friendship. Kyle did let her have it. It was well deserved. Oh!!! It damn sure did look like you were doing Teddi a favor, Dorit. Omg!! Did you all see Sutton and Teddi talking on the side? We can only hope. Now we’re supposed to be getting our meditation on. However, Kyle and Dorit are having words. About her being super late and wanting to leave super early. Dorit clearly was like… “I have a damn life! I don’t have time for this!” Then why did you come? Denise arrives at the end. She had surgery weeks prior. Also, had things going on. So, she’s excused. Let’s get out of here.

We see Lisa and her daughter discuss college life. We are now on to Denise and Adam. They are a pretty attractive couple. They are having a get together outdoors. Uh-oh!! I’m worried about Sutton. Denise is worried about the argument from the retreat. Lingering over to the function. How cute are Garcelle and the twins. It’s also nice to see that her and Mike. Can actually coparent and it working well. Considering, what she told us about the divorce. Heading to the party.. We hear that there is much more to the story. Of Course, it is!!!!

The set up looks totally amazing. It looks like Kyle and Mauricio are the first to arrive. Seems like it’s Dorit with the time issues again. She was last to arrive with Garcelle. Goodness gracious!! The food looks really delicious. Wait!!! Screeeeeech!!! “Is that the reason why you and Teddi have so much in common because your husbands are alike?” That is not going to pass. Yes!! They both have hispanic husbands. She was just being shady.  We find out that the ladies have had threesomes and whatnot. Yes Denise!! Get rid of the teenagers. Wait!! Now Kyle and Teddi are a couple. Girl!! Stop!! Dorit feels that Teddi and Kyle are a package deal. Also, that is hard to be friends with the both of them. Kyle feels that Dorit should’ve been on time and supportive. Dorit feels that Kyle doesn’t her enough. Lisa doesn’t feel Kyle defends her. Garcelle and Sutton are looking like. What did we get ourselves into? Lisa upsets Kyle.. with her ending with “Lisa F you and F off!!” Then we get hit with……

To be continued…. Ugh!!!!

So…. What do I think about Sutton? So far, I think she is quite entertaining. Personally, I would be scared of her at the beginning. She’s also pretty funny. I do love her honesty. Let’s see how we feel… After the reunion.

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