What’s happening here?

This is looking like a mediocre month for Sonya. The plus is the she’s still enjoying herself. The minus is the learning experience that is coming with this. Is she just a glutton for punishment?Or, maybe she’s just a pushover and it’s time to play the game?

It’s one week left in October. She’s had her belongings kept after ending a relationship. Her friend bailed when the restaurant bill came. Wtf? It’s time for a change. A person can take so much. She’s not going out to dinner with friends ever again. Unless, the waiter can acknowledge separate tabs. She’s never spending the night at a dudes house anymore. It’s going back to the old school. Take this shit to the hotel. She’s going to see Jonathan this weekend. That’s a major plus and she’s going to vote this weekend. She’s also hanging out with Alex. She’s safe with them. They wouldn’t leave when the bill comes. She does feel like Alex and Jonathan know one another. Which she’s not worried about, at all. She isn’t doing anything but kissing. What she is worried about is the pain she’ll have after getting banged. If that ever happens.

She needs to focus on work and her multiple business ventures. All those things can be replaced. She’ll take it as a lesson learned. No big deal. Also, she needs to keep her legs closed this weekend.

Author: Chazz.

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