When we are allowed to sit in restaurants. Check this place out!!!!

Let’s go back to February. We were hearing about the Coronavirus. New Yorkers were not thinking that it was coming this way. It is now May 11. It feels like February was about five years ago. I’m totally exaggerating. However, you all get what I’m saying. I went to this amazing restaurant for a friends birthday. It was a lot of fun. At first, I was sketchy because it is in Harlem. I’m the person that refused to go above 97th Street. However, I did say that I was going to step out of my comfort zone. Also, it was for someone really special. The place is called Ricardo’s Steak House. The vibe and atmosphere was pretty amazing. You may brush past a celebrity or two on your way to the restroom. Let’s discuss the food!!

Because it was a large party. We ordered from the “pre-fix menu”. The options were great! The regular menu is super amazing. I will try soon as we can sit and eat. We ordered drinks from the bar. While we were waiting for our party to arrive. The drinks definitely hit!! We had the Sangria.. They had three different kinds. All three were wonderful.

The decor was amazing!! I’m into frames and artwork. It was a bit crowded but everything was enjoying the food and themselves. I started with the Crab Cake… Omg!! It was so good!! I only like my cousin’s Crab Cakes. Now I have to favorites. I then had the Chilean Sea Bass with Mashed Potatoes and French Beans. The only seafood dish on the pre-fix menu. It was so good!! I’ve been trying to remake this. Since we’ve been in lockdown. So… I totally recommend this restaurant. I will definitely be back. Hopefully, I’ll see you there!!

Ricardo’s Steak House 2145 2nd Avenue New York. New York 10029

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