When you get older…. The strangest things become exciting. Or, just outright frightening.

It feels like yesterday. I’m entertaining the clients at work. The manager comes in to relieve me and I noticed him lugging in a huge box. I’m literally wiped out from the day. However, whenever we saw one another. We were always excited to see one another. I miss working with him… He was a character and a half. I’ll link up with him when we’re able to. Anyway, he opens the box. I burst into excitement and squealed like Jackee’ from 227.

A bit overboard….

After going through a ton of Styrofoam and plastic. It’s a vacuum cleaner that had a lot of buttons and lights. Our job is extremely clean. It has to be, it’s all white with mirrors. We didn’t really need a vacuum. We just had the one rug in the foyer. Everyone dusted off their shoes and whatnot. I waited until closing time and I plugged that sucker up. I was so turned on by this machine. Growing up I don’t think that I’ve enjoyed this. Sprinkling the scented cleaner, maybe. That thing lit up and was powerful. It has become my favorite appliance. So, I thought.

Brooms and mops soon followed. At first I thought it was just me becoming a homemaker. I’m like… “Oh gosh, No!!!” I’m too young for this. He always joked that I’m becoming an old lady. Absolutely not!!! I’ve become a bedding collector, not a hoarder. I’ve recently purchased a Bullet for myself. I’m totally addicted to using it. I think I burned it out already. It started smoking and it scared me. I hope not because I have to buy another one. I really want to make these healthy smoothies and make sauces. Who is this person? I would’ve probably been more excited to make alcoholic beverages. I like the grown up version better.

I’ve become frightened of crowds. I use to always party on the weekends. During the week, if I’m allowed. Meaning, being off the next day or something. This was before the lockdown thing even happened. It’s made me really apprehensive about people in general. We’ll get to a bar or lounge. I would see the crowd. Instantly, the “Hell No!” would come screaming from my lungs. Also, need to be closest to the door and bathroom. Just in case, anything happens. Also, the loud noise. Anytime, it’s too loud… I gotta go!! It’s way too much bass coming from the speakers. Everyone is screaming… I’m too old for this shit!! I’m going home to watch Nash Bridges. It’s no fun being out all night. Some of my friends still do it. More power to them. You just have to catch me on a good day. When I’m feeling wild, I guess.

I’m in love

I’m stoked about getting home by ten. Lockdown days, I don’t go out. Unless, we’re going to be in a bubble social distancing. My friends are safe, it’s cool. I’ll have three drinks. By the middle of the second. I’m already feeling like, it’s time to go. I’ll babysit that drink. I’m usually drinking wine, so I can drag it out. So, I’m home by at least seven. It’s so much good stuff on television. Also, I’ve discovered the habit of going to bed early. My ex laughs at me now. I use to make fun about that often. I no longer eat heavy food after seven. If I hungry, I’ll do some trail mix. Or, rainbow sherbet… Thanks, Mom. I’ll get crazy on the weekend. I’m supposed to go to a friends house for New Years Eve. It’s not going to be a crowd. I’m worried that I may fall asleep before midnight. I fall asleep on the phone. I’ll get ridiculed for it by my best friend. I need to call her. She’ll put me on blast for snoring in her ear. It’s hilarious!! I love it!! We’ll have to wait and see.

Is it getting older? Is it developing habits? Who knows? You tell me!! I will say that, I like what’s happening. If it’s too people-ly. I’m staying away. If it’s too loud, I’m out. Let’s make healthy drinks not blended cocktails. Where’s Clara, btw?

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.