Which is better an album or single?

I’ve googled and asked this question. Only to receive a 50/50 response. If you release a single. Everyone will be waiting for the next one. Especially, if it’s really good. If you release an album it can peak to quickly and fade fast. It’s definitely not how it was back in the day.

Times have changed

It was a time when an artist would release two singles before the album release. Which would follow by possibly three singles to promote the album for sales and touring. That can take about two years to fulfill. For example…. Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation 1814” was released in September 1989. The first single was released in August that year. The eighth and final single was released in February 1991. Same as Whitney Houston’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight album. First single was released In October 1990. The album was released in November. With the sixth and final single being released in April 1992. Also, that was a time when streaming didn’t exist. We were going to stores or via mail. Imagine sales if that was happening back then.

Today we’re lucky to see the first three weeks of strong streams/sales. While a single can go on for a minute. Throw a video and remix in there. It seems to be the thing lately. Unless, you’re an artist like Adele, Beyoncé or Rihanna and we’ve been anticipating a new album. Or, it’s adjacent to a soundtrack to a film or documentary. I hear releasing an EP is a good way to go. It’s just 4-6 tracks and boom. You can still do well if promoted correctly. Also, if it’s even a banger. I’m learning as newbie, it’s safe to drop singles or even a mixtape. Just to put yourself out there. Speaking from an independent standpoint. Not to drop and entire album of 15-20 songs and no one knows you. Or, you’re still trying to figure out who you are as an artist.

I’m definitely taking the singles route this time. I’m discovering which songs people are gravitating to. Based on the analytics and weekly updates. That’s the most exciting part for me. Outside of the creative process. Wait! I’ve answered my own question. Like I’ve mentioned, you drop a single. It leaves them wanting more. Then drop another single or remix. Unless, you’re signed and you have to drop and album. Also, they’ll back you up like crazy. You just have to watch out for crazy contracts.

Another thing to watch out for is my new single “Right Here” arriving on January 7. While my current singe “Ridin’” is available on all music streaming platforms. Here’s a preview of what’s to come.

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2 thoughts on “Which is better an album or single?”

  1. I agree but mixtapes and EP’s are good. If you’re just throwing something out to keep us listening. I would agree and say single. If you release enough folks can playlist it into an album.

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