While The Girlfriends Are Away….. The Boyfriends Try Really Hard.

Sonya, Jonathan, Lane and Bismarck were actually separated for a weekend. It’s been their first weekend not together. The fabulous four have spent each weekend together since summer. They’ve enjoyed the holidays together. Unfortunately, New Years Eve happened to be different. Sonya and Lane had family reunions to attend. The gatherings were super small. Bismarck hasn’t met Lane’s family yet. They’ve been dating for a while. Jonathan’s mom flew into town. He had to spend his time with her. While she was locked down in his apartment. He was happy to see her. However, that changed when she refused his offer to pay for a hotel.

Jonathan immediately calls Bismarck to come downstairs. He wants him to entertain his mom while he cooks. Due to the nagging that she will do as he’s in the kitchen. He actually saved Bismarck from cooking a bad dinner. Lane does all the cooking. He would just be her amazing assistant. So, she’ll just nag her like a son Bismarck. They’ve known each other since middle school. They even moved to the city together. You would think they were actually brothers. The two are even starting to look alike. After a few hours of trauma for Jonathan. A free meal and leftovers for Biz. Jonathan’s mom decides to go to her brother’s house. Although, he warns her about traveling. She’s driving her own vehicle. He couldn’t be more happier to see her head out.

The dudes are upstairs in Biz’s apartment. You can tell that Lane was away. His apartment appeared as if three tornadoes hit it. Jonathan is in full bliss surrounded in filth. He was a slob until he met Sonya. He even added pants to his wardrobe. As much as, Sonya enjoyed seeing him in sweats. It getting cold and he just needs them. The dudes are having a good time getting stoned and drunk. They’ve played video games, constantly drunk dialed their girlfriends. At one point, they even pretended to be WWF wrestlers. These are men in their late 30’s. They wouldn’t do this if the ladies were around. This continued for two more days.

It’s now Sunday afternoon. The dudes are severely hung over. His apartment is in a more tragic state. Lane is FaceTiming Bismarck. He is literally pooping his pants. She can’t see his apartment like this. He runs to Jonathan’s apartment and calls her back. She sees that he’s bombed and hangs up. He heads back up to see his friend cleaning his apartment. Biz, gives him the whole “Thank You” speech. He cuts him off saying… “The girls are on their way home. This place looks like the pits of hell!” They continue to tag team the apartment.

It’s now extremely spotless and the ladies arrive. You would’ve thought that it was the first time seeing one another. Jonathan started to give Sonya the look. Bismarck starting humping on Lane’s thigh. However, the ladies are ignoring them. They aren’t finish talking about their trips. Also, they wanted to hear what really happened while they were gone. Jonathan looks at Sonya and says…. “Please.. Pretty Please?” They end the conversation and head downstairs. Lane yells.. “John!! Thanks for taking care of Bismarck. I know he couldn’t clean this up by himself!!” Jonathan was so wasted when he FaceTimed Sonya. He took a screenshot and posted in his stories. By the time he wanted to delete it. Lane and Sonya viewed the story. He still deleted it… Although, they were caught.



Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.