Who brings sand to the beach?

Is this what happens when all the ladies get together? Sonya, Serena, Samantha, Xiomara, Bernadette, Beatrice and Clara. This is just a recipe for disaster. Some of these ladies can’t stand one another. Some are meeting for the first time. Some are just coming out for free drinks. Some are coming to brag about their love life. Some are here just to watch a fight…..

Sonya and Beatrice grew up together and have reunited after many years. The pandemic has slowed them both down. Sonya frequents Bernadette’s restaurant, she’s a chef. That’s where she met Serena and they became friends. Sonya worked with Samantha who’s friends with Xiomara. Clara, visits Sonya’s workplace and later found out they lived in the same neighborhood. It looks like the culprit is Sonya. She managed to bring these people together for a night of drinks. Clara, is the one that hosted the event. It’s Sonya’s fault!!! At one point Bernadette and Serena were really close. Serena was close to many of the people that came to the spot. Her and Sonya started hanging out and became close friends. At the same time she became close with Bernadette. She can talk with Sonya without being judged. Sonya has never fallen out with any of the ladies. With the exception of Serena. However, tolerance is key. Serena is a bit of an airhead. At the same time… she knows what she’s doing.

Sonya hasn’t seen Samantha or Xiomara in weeks. Anytime they get together… it’s a whole vibe. She feels that Beatrice and Bernadette will get along with them perfectly. This can go well if Serena doesn’t pull any stunts. Clara… Well, she just wants to get rid of the the champagne in her fridge. Also, to teach a new home remedy she discovered. Bernadette hasn’t seen her in a while. Beatrice and Xiomara are totally cool with meeting new people. Sonya and Clara are setting everything up. There’s cheese, caviar, fruit and booze. Who knows what Clara has up her sleeve. It’ll probably be a violinist coming to play. She keeps talking about a surprise. Samantha, Xiomara, Beatrice and Bernadette arrive at the same time. They had a conversation in the lobby. They figured they were going to the same place. Within seconds they’ve exchanged numbers and are following each other on social media. Which made it easier for Sonya. She started smoking and the quiet stoner was taking over.

The ladies are all conversing. Sonya’s trying to keep up. She takes a sip of a cold brew and comes back to life. Making a home in the caviar and champagne. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Serena with her boyfriend. Clara and Sonya made it clear that it was ladies night. They walk in as if it’s nothing. Everyone is looking like a man walked into a room of nude women. Clara stands up… “Why is there a guy here?” She’s totally pissed. “I just wanted everyone to meet my boyfriend.” Serena explains. Bernadette immediately calls her boyfriend and goes off. She’s tired of Serena’s shit. It’s more to that story. Sonya gets wind of the conversation. She’s going to find out the scoop. Serena and her boyfriend go out in the hallway. They have an extremely long conversation. Serena comes back in asking about “Why doesn’t anyone want my boyfriend around? I didn’t feel comfortable leaving him.” Beatrice yells “Then you should’ve stayed home!!!” Beatrice is cool as hell. You just can’t do no dumb shit. She’s going to call you out. Serena’s boyfriend comes in and says his piece and leaves. Serena is crying to Sonya about the situation. She explains that it’s a girl theme event. She knew this. This is just another stunt for attention. She shows her the text. Serena, says she was drunk while reading it. Girl, go play in traffic.

The party continues with Bernadette telling everyone about the fallout with Serena. She mentioned that she used her and took advantage of her. She didn’t go on to explain everything. However, Clara and Sonya are knowledgeable. The other ladies didn’t really need to know. Suddenly, a knock on the door. It’s an exotic dancer. He actually takes off everything. I mean, absolutely everything. This was a total stress reliever after the Serena incident. She probably would’ve told him verbatim everything that happened. Sonya and the dancer make out. They take a bottle of champagne on the roof. He now has on shorts. The other ladies are pretty trashed and full. They find out that Serena and her boyfriend were arguing outside. This was going on for hours, about five. She sees Sonya exiting the building with a half naked man. He needed the rest of his clothes. Her boyfriend immediately makes a snide comment. The dancer who name is Raymond, walks over and punches him. Then proceeds to the building. Sonya is speechless and amazed at the same time. Serena and her boyfriend get out of dodge. I heard him talking crap about Clara. He explains in a out of breath tone. Then when he said what he said to you. I put it all together. We like him!!

They get back to the party. Explaining everything that happened… The party turns out to be a hit. Apparently, he knows the boyfriend from another event. They have had words before. When it’s ladies night. It’s just that… Don’t bring sand to the beach. It just turns muddy.

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.