Why are you crying? You’re part of the problem…

Not necessarily crying, more like bawling. It’s what happens when you do not follow the state’s rules and regulations. You’ve totally upset the neighborhood with your antics. What do you want from the people, sympathy? Absolutely not!!

The neighborhood is relatively quiet. The most you’ll hear are kids playing after school. Which is for about an hour. Then you’ll hear them through the backyards. Or, a car honking to pick someone up. The occasional car alarm, once in a blue. It’s a residential area. Everyone is usually coming or going. There are no wild parties. If there’s a gathering, it’s usually over at a respectable hour. That has changed since we’ve been locked down in March.

There have been parties that have gone on for days. Adults loitering on stoops, huge backyard bashes. The craziness of fireworks. You literally had authorities going to homes, shutting shit down. Places that weren’t supposed to be open. They were throwing parties. That one even made the newspaper. You have neighbors who actually have jobs and careers that they’re trying to keep. This goes to show the lack of regard they have. Then when you confront them. They aren’t doing anything wrong. You’re disrupting the entire neighborhood with these shenanigans. It’s totally unsafe, the police are locking people up for this. You’re not invincible!! Now the police drive by hoping to fill the quota. By arresting the clowns. Also, what’s happening is the neighborhood will get devalued. Which I’m sure, it has.

We hear you complaining about not being able to do anything. Did you hear us when we were complaining about the noise and our safety? No!! So, stop whining and stay in the house!!! You caused this!! Everyone is looking at the house that through pandemic parties. You won’t learn your lesson. I’m sure something will occur.

Wear a mask for Christ sake!!!

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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