Words to stop using so loosely

That L word and that F word. We use it way too often. Do we use it too far in advance? The words Love and Friend has to be the most common words used. We must stop this nonsense immediately!!!

It can totally backfire on you. Especially, if you’re the sweet person that genuinely cares about everyone. You are there for everyone. You will rescue a friend from the most wildest situation. Save a family member from going to prison. You may even take the rap for a person. I understand the whole… If we do good unto others… However, when it’s time for it to be, done unto us? For many individuals, it is long overdue. Yes.. I know that we shouldn’t look for shit in return. Damn! At least, make an effort!

He began to tighten up those words. He also learned about superficial relationships. The people that do a whole 540 degree switch on you. Soon as they get into a relationship. Seriously though, you were a skanky person before. I’m sure this person is waiting for you to slip up. You use to hit your “Best friends” up all the time. To the only time that they hear from you. Is when, he/she’s not in the room. Or, you are outside of your home? That’s weird as hell. Especially, if he has no issues with the other person. Oh!! You want attention from someone else, now that you’ve a little bored. You want to vent to your friends “How much you miss the single life.” However, you become the biggest hypocrite when you’re around your significant other. You say a bunch of slick comments. Claiming everyone is jealous of your relationship… Meanwhile, everyone is laughing at your relationship. Also, the fact that you only reach out to people when you need a favor. You only show up, when it’s convenient for you. You wonder why, no one reaches out to you anymore. Stop laying down when you should be standing up!! Wake up!!

Also, the ones that call you and tell you all their problems. When you call them.. They tell you.. “Let me call you back” Or, I’m doing something right now. Really?? When you called crying at the wee hours of the morning. Did anyone tell you that shit?! No!! We stayed up and put up with whatever you were going through. We’ve even rescued a friend from the police at four in the morning. So far, this person has been a pretty solid person. I think if he didn’t. He knows what would happen. Lol!! He better not slip up. 🤣

It’s funny that.. we’ll often get a heads up about an individual. Most of us never listen. Sometimes we should. If not, it’ll bite you. It took a pandemic and a human rights movement. Key word: ARMS LENGTH!!!! Also, the word FAMILY is a tricky word. I prefer RELATIVE. Some are the most narcissistic people ever. They don’t hold themselves accountable for any of the abuse and disharmony that they create. They’ll separate family members. They’ll choose one to make the black sheep. It’s so foul!! Then turn around and say “We love you!!” Ummm.. Go all the way to hell!! Lesson learned… Move away and create a whole new lineage.

Do Not Disturb…. The most awesome feature ever!

Author: Chazz.

Just some skinny pizza eating freak from Brooklyn. A lot of people say that I'm awesome. Which is dope! Now I want the universe to think so too.

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