You Gotta Give And Take Chances…

Isn’t that what we all do anyway? We give and take a chance on hiring an employee. Getting to know someone. Folks give me chances all the time. Although, I’m not perfect and will make a mistake along the way. Those individuals can and will say that I come through at the end of the day. “Brush shoulders and rolls eyes with laughter.”

I remember when ToniSteelz took a huge chance and allowed me to perform as a background singer whenever she performs in the area. This was all from her hearing me singing along to a song while we were working. Which led to numerous opportunities and I’m forever thankful. As an artist now I have to give and take chances. Although, James and I came up with the idea of becoming a team. We take risks one each other. Every time we work together. Thankfully, the outcome has been pretty solid.

We spent the day at Shroomtown Productions working on a few tracks and sharing ideas for a possible music video for one of the songs. Alexander, will likely helm the video project. He has definitely helped me with my confidence in my vocals. I’ve adlibbed and oooh and ahhh on a few occasions. I haven’t performed in a little over two years now. My voice has definitely matured and I cannot go as high like before. Him and I have the best time in the studio or whenever we recording remotely. Also, he’s a total riot whenever we hang out.

So, I trust him whenever I’m working on something with James. Or, starting on a project myself. He always mentions that I should play with my vocals when I’m in the studio. “STOP FRONTIN, BRUH BRUH! COME ON, UNCLE CHAZZ!!” That’s what I’ll usually get from him. James will just lecture me the entire time. He definitely means well. I was having a glass of wine at Cafeteria. The music is usually bumping. It’s usually disco or house. Which is right up my alley. As the wine hit… I began to sing along with freestyle to the music playing. That inspired me to try it on a song we’re working on.

It’s easy with dance or house music. You can just sing one or two sentences or do backing vocals. That’s what happened!! The song is called “The Reminder” You actually hear my voice and it sounds amazing. I’m no vocal acrobat but I can hold my own. The three of us are on there. However, you definitely hear me. I’m doing lead and background vocals. James is doing his adlibs and Alexander is doing some background harmonies. Who reminded me that I must be in sunglasses with a mirror in front of me. It apparently boosts my confidence. Whatever works, I guess! I’m glad that I’ve listened to their advice and taken a chance. I’ll definitely be doing more of these. Who knows? Maybe an entire song with verses, a bridge and a chorus. We’re still working on “The Remainder”. Please stay tuned….

Until then… Complex Compositions is available on all music streaming platforms. Along with the singles Ridin, Right Here and Tranquillity. Feel free to check on the Charles Anthoney Cabrera Podcast. Wherever you listen to your podcast.

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